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Mother of five breaks down in tears as husband makes move to take younger sister as second wife


Mother of five left with a battered mind as her husband makes the move to marry her younger sister who stays in the house with them.

The wife who has been married to her husband for 12 years narrated how she brought her mother’s last born into her husband’s house to complete her education.

Unfortunately, the young girl got pregnant and after finding out it belonged to her husband, she moved out of the house for months only to return to their traditional marriage plans.

“Good afternoon nurse chioma. My husband is planning to marry my younger sister. I’ve been married for 12years with 5children. I brought my younger sister (our last born) to stay with me.

We are training her in school. She was in SS3. She came back for mid term break and slept with my husband. Went back to school after one week (boarding school).

After she came back with pregnancy. We started asking her who got her pregnant before she pointed my husband. I got angry and I parked my things and left with my children. She now moved in fully and they made their relationship known to family and friends.

My husband didn’t even made any attempt to look for me. I stayed away for 4months and I moved back to my house to claim my rightful position. I moved back January 20th 2022.

Now she’s in her last trimester and hubby has gone to pay her things. After her delivery, he will do the traditional marriage proper. Please advice me. I’m hurting. He now sleep with her in her room. As I moved back, they left the master bedroom for me and started sleeping together in her room.

I need help. Staying away will be hard cos I don’t have the resources to cater for my children.”

Mother of five breaks down in tears as husband makes move to take sister as second wife

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