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Lady narrates why she would never donate blood for her sick sister


A lady whose sister is in a critical condition at the hospital, has vowed never to help her recover.

Sharing her story, she revealed how her sister landed in hospital after sleeping with her husband, and also commiting abortion for a married man.

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She wrote,

“So my elder sister has been in the hospital in emergency ward, but I’m right here sipping my zobo drink and eating biscuits.

They said she is in critical condition and has lost so much blood and needs transfusion. Last I checked, I’m a perfect fit for a transfusion for her, but I rather sip my zobo than donate anything.

I don’t know if this is right, but before you judge me, take your time to read what really happened. I remember two years ago when she was still staying with us.

I used to hear crazy things about my own sister, and how she was sleeping with people’s husbands. I used to talk to her about it too, but guess what, she even slept with my own husband. Turns out, she was even the person who seduced him.

I sent her out of my house and about few months later, I heard she got sick after undergoing a failed abortion for a married man.

Now the case is more critical and I feel nothing for her. No pity, no sadness. Nothing. I’m okay and I feel it’s just karma visiting her”.

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